My name is Chris Logsdon, but you can call me Logs – a nickname affectionately used by my friends. With more than two decades of experience in the advertising industry, I am a seasoned creative with the passion of a rookie. I spent the last nine years inside the VaynerMedia walls, yes, GaryVee's agency. Four years ago, I took a hard left turn transforming a late-night side gig into a fresh role for myself and a novel offering for the company. Since then, I've helped breathe life into numerous brands, both big and small.

Based in Saratoga Springs, NY, when I'm not working, I can be found navigating the adventure-filled realm of parenting (help!) with my wife and two kids, cheering extremely loud for the San Francisco 49ers, and collecting dusty old shop rags (a story for another time). 

I am presently open to both on-site and remote work opportunities. If you're interested in creating something together, click that little "connect" button up top. 
For my resume and full list of experiences, view my LinkedIn page here.

Finally, I have the talented
Steve West to thank for this very dramatic photo of me.
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